Ancient Name           : Palanki then Panowa

Area                          : 2,491.85 Sq Km

Population                  : 22,90,000 aprox.

Municipality                : Cox’s Bazar, Chakoria, Teknaf, Moheskhali .

Upazilla                      : Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Moheskhali, Chakoria,Pakua, Ramu,

Kutubdia, Ukhya, Teknaf,

Union                         : 71

Village                       : 989

Post Code                   : 4700.

NWD Code                  : 0341

Bay                           : Bay of  bengal known as( Bangobo sagar)

Rivers                       :Bakkhali,Matamuhuri,Naf nodi,Kohalia,Reju khal.

Major Islands              : St.Martin, Moheshkhali, kutubdia, Sonadia.

Natural and Attractive Places  : Longest Sandy  Sea Beach, All Islands, Safari Park, Amusement Park, Himchor,Natural
Park, and so on.


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